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Chemistry in the Urban Atmosphere: Faraday Discussion 189

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Urban atmospheres are clearly distinguishable from most rural and all remote atmospheres by their high primary pollutant loadings and relatively fast reaction times. However, these rapid reactions are currently poorly captured by numerical models. Recent research on urban air pollution has focused upon cities as a source of air pollutants to the regional and global atmosphere. This neglects the impact of urban air pollution upon human health. With the increasing urbanisation of human populations, this topic is of great importance. This Faraday Discussion addresses both the key questions and the over-arching issues related to understanding chemistry in the urban atmosphere. It explores the chemical complexity of the urban atmosphere; the relative timescales of mixing and of chemical processes; lessons from past major studies of the urban atmosphere; and numerical modelling strategies.

From the book series:
Faraday Discussions

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  • Chemical Complexity of the Urban Atmosphere and its Consequences
  • Timescales of Mixing and of Chemistry
  • Urban Case Studies
  • Numerical Modelling Strategies for the Urban Atmosphere.
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27 Jul 2016
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Faraday Discussions documents a long-established series of Faraday Discussion meetings which provide a unique international forum for the exchange of views and newly acquired results in developing areas of physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and chemical physics. The papers presented are published in the Faraday Discussion volume together with a record of the discussion contributions made at the meeting. Faraday Discussions therefore provide an important record of current international knowledge and views in the field concerned. The latest (2012) impact factor of Faraday Discussions is 3.82.