Discovering Cosmetic Science Editors: Stephen Barton, Allan Eastham, Amanda Isom, Denise Mclaverty, Yi Ling Soong

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Welcome to this ‘novice’s guide’. At last a book that explains the real science behind the cosmetics we use. Taking a gentle approach and a guided journey through the different product types, we discover that they are not as superficial as often thought and learn that there is some amazing science behind them. We shall uncover some of the truths behind the myths and point out some interesting facts on our way.

Did you know? Vitamin E is the world’s most used cosmetic active ingredient. At just 1mm thick, your amazing skin keeps out just about everything it’s exposed to – including your products! A ‘chemical soup’ of amino acids, urea, mineral salts and organic acids act as ‘water magnets’ in the skin keeping it naturally moisturised. Discovered centuries ago, iron oxides (yes, the same chemicals as rust) are still commonly used inorganic pigments in foundations. A lipstick is a fine balance of waxes, oils and colourants to keep the stick stable and leave an even gloss on your lips.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • Clean Chemistry: The Science behind Cleansing Products
  • Good Hair Day: The Science behind Hair-care Products
  • Oral Care - A Mouthful of Chemistry
  • You against the World! - The Science behind Skin and Skin Care Products
  • More than a Smudge of Colour - The Science behind Colour Cosmetics
  • Follow the Scent - The Science behind the Fragrance in Products
  • The Inside Story - The Science behind Active Ingredients
  • Testing and More Testing - The Science behind Keeping Your Skin Safe and Healthy
  • Myths and Scares - Science in Perspective

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29 Sep 2020
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