Green and Sustainable Medicinal Chemistry: Methods, Tools and Strategies for the 21st Century Pharmaceutical Industry Editors: Louise Summerton, Helen F Sneddon, Leonie C Jones, James H Clark

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14 Mar 2016
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Pharmaceutical manufacturing was one of the first industries to recognize the importance of green chemistry, with pioneering work including green chemistry metrics and alternative solvents and reagents. Today, other topical factors also have to be taken into consideration, such as rapidly depleting resources, high energy costs and new legislation. This book addresses current challenges in modern green chemical technologies and sustainability thinking. It encompasses a broad range of topics covered by the CHEM21 project – Europe’s largest public-private partnership project which aims to develop a toolbox of sustainable technologies for green chemical intermediate manufacture. Divided into two sections, the book first gives an overview of the key green chemistry tools, guidance and considerations aimed at developing greener processes, before moving on to look at cutting-edge synthetic methodologies. Featuring innovative research, this book is an invaluable reference for chemists across academia and industry wanting to further their knowledge and understanding of this important topic.

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Green Chemistry Series

Author information

Leonie C Jones is the Green Chemistry Education and Training Associate at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GGCE), University of York, UK, where she works on developing a range of green chemistry training materials for the CHEM21 project including on-line resources.

Louise Summerton is the Training, Education and Networks Manager in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GGCE), University of York, UK, where she is leading on the creation of the CHEM21 Education and Training package to promote the uptake of green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry.

Helen F Sneddon is a medicinal chemist as GlaxoSmithKline, UK, where she founded and leads the GSK Green Chemistry Performance Unit, which looks at improving the environmental sustainability of research and development, and the routes arising from it.

James H Clark is Professor of Chemistry at the University of York, Director of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, and a Director of the Biorenewables Development Centre, UK. He has been at the forefront of green chemistry worldwide for nearly 20 years.