Nanotoxicology: Experimental and Computational Perspectives Editors: Alok Dhawan, Diana Anderson, Rishi Shanker

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13 Nov 2017
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The rapid expansion of the nanotechnology field raises concerns, like any new technology, about the toxicity and environmental impact of nanomaterials. This book addresses the gaps relating to health and safety issues of this field and aims to bring together fragmented knowledge on nanosafety. Not only do chapters address conventional toxicity issues, but also more recent developments such as food borne nanoparticles, life cycle analysis of nanoparticles and nano ethics. In addition, the authors discuss the environmental impact of nanotechnologies as well as safety guidelines and ethical issues surrounding the use of nanoparticles. In particular this book presents a unique compilation of experimental and computational perspectives and illustrates the use of computational models as a support for experimental work. Nanotoxicology: Experimental and Computational Perspectives is aimed towards postgraduates, academics, and practicing industry professionals. This highly comprehensive review also serves as an excellent foundation for undergraduate students and researchers new to nanotechnology and nanotoxicology. It is of particular value to toxicologists working in nanotechnology, chemical risk assessment, food science, environmental, safety, chemical engineering, the biological sciences and pharmaceutical research.

From the book series:
Issues in Toxicology

Author information

Professor Alok Dhawan is currently the Director at the Institute of Life Sciences in Ahmedabad University, India, on lien from CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow where he is Principal Scientist and Area Coordinator for the Nanomaterial Toxicology Group. Professor Dhawan is one of the originators of nanomaterial toxicology research in India. He is a Series Editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry Issues in Toxicology series.

Professor Rishi Shanker is also based with the Institute of Life Sciences at Ahmedabad University. Previous to this he was Chief Scientist at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research in Lucknow and a Professor at the Academy for Scientific and Innovative Research. Dr. Shanker served as Area Coordinator of core research areas of ‘Environmental Toxicology’ and ‘Nanomaterial Toxicology’ at CSIR-IITR.

Both Professor Dhawan and Professor Shanker were instrumental in the development of the state of art ‘Environmental Biotechnology’ facility at CSIR-NEERI.

Professor Diana Anderson is a Professor of Biomedical Science and Established Chair at the Bradford School of Medical Sciences, UK and a Distinguished Professor at Ahmedabad University. Professor Anderson is a Series Editor for the Current Toxicology series published by John Wiley and Sons, and the Editor in Chief of the Royal Society of Chemistry Issues in Toxicology series.

The Editors have published prolifically in the field of nanotoxicology individually and collaboratively. They are amongst the founding members of the Indian Nanoscience Society which launched in 2007 and have contributed realty to initiating this discipline in India.