Nanoscience: Volume 3 Editors: Paul O'Brien, P John Thomas

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07 Jan 2016
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The field of nanoscience continues to grow at an impressive rate, with over 10,000 new articles a year contributing to more than half a million citations. Such a vast landscape of material requires careful examination to uncover the most important discoveries.

Nanoscience, edited by Professor Paul O’Brien (University of Manchester) and Dr John Thomas (Bangor University), presents a critical and comprehensive assessment of the last twelve months of research and discussion. With contributions from around the globe, this series ensures readers will be well-versed in the latest research and methodologies. Chapters cover a range of topics, including ‘Mesocrystals’, ‘Quantum dot synthesis’, ‘Nano and energy storage’ and ‘Beyond graphene’.

Anyone practicing in a nano-allied field, or wishing to enter the nano-world, will benefit from the publication of this comprehensive resource annually.

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