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Concepts of Chemical Engineering for Chemists: Edition 2 Editor: Stefaan Simons

About this book

Based on a former popular course of the same title, Concepts of Chemical Engineering for Chemists outlines the basic aspects of chemical engineering for chemistry professionals. It clarifies the terminology used and explains the systems methodology approach to process design and operation for chemists with limited chemical engineering knowledge. The book provides practical insights into all areas of chemical engineering with well explained worked examples and case studies. The new edition contains a revised chapter on Process Analysis and two new chapters "Process and Personal Safety" and "Systems Integration and Experimental Design", the latter drawing together material covered in the previous chapters so that readers can design and test their own pilot process systems.
This book is a guide for chemists (and other scientists) who either work alongside chemical engineers or who are undertaking chemical engineering-type projects and who wish to communicate with their colleagues and understand chemical engineering principles.

Book content

  • Process Analysis - The Importance of Mass and Energy Balances
  • Introduction to Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Concepts of Fluid Flow
  • An Introduction to Heat Transfer
  • An Introduction to Mass-Transfer Operations
  • Scale-Up in Chemical Engineering
  • An Introduction to Particle Systems
  • An Introduction to Process Control
  • Economic Appraisal of Large Projects
  • Process and Personal Safety
  • Engineering Statistics. Process Integration, and Experimental Design
  • Subject Index

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This book contains 399 pages.

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Print publication date
16 Sep 2016
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