Microwave-Assisted Polymerization Authors: Anuradha Mishra, Tanvi Vats, James H Clark

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03 Nov 2015
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Polymer science faces the challenge of meeting growing market demand for polymers whilst achieving sustainability through environmentally friendly processes. Microwave heating has emerged as a greener technique that accelerates a variety of chemical reactions, including polymerization. Microwave-assisted reactions can be cleaner and more rapid and economic analyses suggest that the cost of curing polymers may be reduced by switching over to the use of microwaves.
This book provides comprehensive coverage of microwave-assisted polymerization. The first chapter introduces readers to the theory behind the accelerating effects of microwaves on chemical reactions and covers the types of commercial microwave reactors being used for synthesis and processing of polymers that are available on the market. Subsequent chapters are organised by type of reaction, including radical homo and co-polymerizations, step growth polymerization and peptide synthesis. Importantly, analysis of processes and product properties in comparison with conventional methods is also detailed.
This book will be a valuable resource for green chemists and polymer scientists and engineers who want to develop sustainable processes.

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