Heterocycles from Double-Functionalized Arenes: Transition Metal Catalyzed Coupling Reactions Authors: Xiao-Feng Wu, Matthias Beller

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10 Feb 2015
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The efficient synthesis of heterocycles has become one of the main branches in organic chemistry due to their use in the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceuticals. Current sythentic strategies based on C-H activation methodologies are met with many problems like harsh reaction conditions and low reaction efficiency. Double functionalized chemicals offer a perfect alternative for the synthesis of heterocycles.

Heterocycles from Double-Functionalized Arenes starts with a short discussion on the importance of heterocycles and a brief introduction on the preparation of double-functionalized arenes. Specific chapters then look at five-membered heterocycles synthesis, six-membered heterocycles synthesis and macroheterocycles synthesis.

This is the first book dedicated to the topic of transition metal catalyzed coupling reactions of double functionalized arenes in heterocycle synthesis and can be used as a handbook for senior researchers and as an introduction for organic chemistry students.

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