Glycopolymer Code: Synthesis of Glycopolymers and their Applications Editors: C. Remzi Becer, Laura Hartmann

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16 Apr 2015
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Glycopolymers are important for cell signalling, recognition pathways, and their role in the immune system. They are gaining attention for new applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery. Glycopolymer Code discusses the preparation, characterization and applications of glycopolymers providing a complete overview of the topic with examples from the latest research.

Specific chapters cover both basic and advanced synthesis techniques to prepare glycopolymers, the analytical techniques used to investigate lectin receptor glycopolymer interactions, the properties and types of lectins that are widely used to understand the multivalent interactions and various applications of synthetic glycopolymers.

With contributions from leading researchers in the field, the book is a unique source for graduates and academics new to the subject and already working in the area of glycopolymers.

From the book series:
Polymer Chemistry Series