Heme Peroxidases Editors: Emma Raven, Brian Dunford

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27 Oct 2015
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Heme peroxidases are widely distributed in biological systems and are involved in a wide range of processes essential for life. This book provides a comprehensive single source of information on the various aspects of heme peroxidase structure, function and mechanism of action. Chapters written and edited by worldwide experts span a range of heme peroxidases from plants, yeast, bacteria and mammals. Discussed functions of peroxidases range from cell wall synthesis, synthesis of prostaglandins, role in drug suppression of tuberculosis, and antibacterial activity. Included is a discussion of peroxidases that also act as catalases and oxygenases. Heme Peroxidases serves as an essential text for those working in industry and academia in biochemistry and metallobiology.

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