Dienamine Catalysis for Organic Synthesis Authors: Kengadarane Anebouselvy, Dhevalapally B Ramachary, Indresh Kumar

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08 Mar 2018
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In the past decade a new era in asymmetric catalysis has been realised by the discovery of L-proline induced chiral enamines from carbonyls. Inspired by this, researchers have developed many other primary catalytic species in situ, more recently secondary catalytic species such as aminals have been identified for use in asymmetric synthesis.

High-yielding asymmetric synthesis of bioactive and natural products through mild catalysis is an efficient approach in reaction engineering. In the early days, synthetic chemists mainly focused on the synthesis of complex molecules, with less attention on the reaction efficiency and eco-friendly conditions. Recent investigations have been directed towards the development of atom economy, eco-friendly and enantioselective synthesis for more targeted and efficient synthesis.

Building on the momentum of this rapidly expanding research area, Dienamine Catalysis for Organic Synthesis will provide a comprehensive introduction, from the preformed species, in situ generation and onto their applications in the synthesis of bioactive molecules and natural products.

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