Commercializing Biobased Products: Opportunities, Challenges, Benefits, and Risks Editor: Seth W Snyder

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19 Nov 2015
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Biobased products offer substantial economic and environmental benefits, but understanding how to commercialize this requires a comprehensive look at the process, including feedstocks, technologies, product slate, supply chain, policy, financing, and environmental impact.

Covering biobased products in a broad context, this book examines the environmental and economic impacts, compares US and EU policies, explores the factors affecting financing, and considers biological conversion, catalytic conversion, and separations.

By examining the process from several critical perspectives in the supply chain, this book provides chemical engineers with a better understanding of challenges, opportunities, risks, and benefits of commercialization.

From the book series:
Green Chemistry Series

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Seth W Snyder is an adjunct professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Northwestern University.  In addition he serves as the section leader of Process Technology Research at Argonne National Laboratory, where his team develops new technologies for biobased products, bioenergy, and water.