Manganese in Health and Disease Editors: Lucio Costa, Michael Aschner

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05 Dec 2014
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Manganese in the diet is nutritionally essential for normal physiologic functioning. However, excessive exposure to manganese has been associated with developmental, neurodegenerative and other disorders.

The book comprehensively covers the toxicology of manganese. Leading investigators provide perspectives from toxicology, neuroscience, nutrition, molecular biology and risk assessment disciplines and chapters cover the toxicokinetics, toxicodynamic interactions and health effects of manganese, as well as its potential role in neurodegenerative diseases. A large section devoted to health effects presents the latest research that associates manganese exposure to potential human diseases.

Any scientists, health professional or regulator involved with metal exposure and toxicology should find this volume essential reading. Students and researchers in neurotoxicology will also find this book a useful reference.

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Issues in Toxicology

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Dr Michael Aschner is currently a Professor of Toxicology, Pharmacology and Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical School. He is a world-known authority on the toxicology of manganese and of other metals. Also world-renowned for his contributions to the field, Dr Lucio Costa is a Professor of Toxicology at the University of Washington with over thirty years of experience in the area of neurotoxicology.