Boron: Sensing, Synthesis and Supramolecular Self-Assembly Editors: Meng Li, John S Fossey, Tony D James

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12 Nov 2015
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About this book

The ability to monitor analytes within physiological, environmental, and industrial scenarios is of prime importance in many scenarios. Chemists have striven to mimic nature’s ability to produce robust chemosensors with the capacity to detect molecules and signal their presence. The covalent coupling interaction between boronic acids and saccharides has been exploited to monitor saccharides. The boronic acid–and Lewis acid base interaction is also suitable for the capture and recognition of anions, which are involved in fundamental processes in all living things.

There have been significant advances in the field of boronic acid based receptors and this book provides a comprehensive overview and update on the topic. Not only are the applications of boron in chemical molecular sensors covered in detail, but their synthesis and supramolecular self-assembly are also presented. Topics include: the molecular recognition of saccharides, the complexation of boronic acids with saccharides, fluorescent sensors and the modular construct of fluorescent sensors, further sensory systems for saccharide recognition and an extensive bibliography.

Edited by experts in the area and containing international contributions from leading research groups on the subject, this book provides a useful resource for graduate students, academic and industrial researchers in organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, materials science and bio-organic chemistry.