Heterogeneous Gold Catalysts and Catalysis Editors: Zhen Ma, Sheng Dai

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08 Sep 2014
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Once considered an inert element, gold has recently gained attention as a catalyst. With hundreds of papers being published each year, this book presents a comprehensive review of this rapidly-evolving field, with contributions by leading experts across the globe. Going through the chapters citing the primary literature, the reader will gain a thorough background to the use of gold in catalysis, as well as the latest methods for the preparation of gold catalysts. Other chapters demonstrate the characterisation and modelling of gold-catalysed reactions, with consideration given to both the fundamentals and commercial applications of this emerging group of catalysts.

Written to be accessible by postgraduates and newcomers to the field, this book will also benefit experienced researchers and therefore be an essential reference in the laboratory.

From the book series:
Catalysis Series

Author information

Zhen Ma is an Associate Professor at Fudan University, China. His research interest is in environmental catalysis by gold catalysts and other nanomaterials.

Sheng Dai is a Group Leader and Distinguished Staff Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. His research interests are in nanoporous and nanostructured materials (carbon and oxides), ionic liquids, separation, catalysis, actinides and fission products, and radiation detection.