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Detection of Drug Misuse: Biomarkers, Analytical Advances and Interpretation Editor: Kim Wolff

About this book

Drug misuse and dependence is an ever evolving field of study, which has exploded over recent years owing to the advent of the internet. Due to the ever-growing number of young people using drugs recreationally and the privatisation of drug screening and detection services, there is the need to disseminate evidence-based information concerning the technology and methods available for studying this expanding field.

Detection of Drug Misuse describes the current state-of-the-art techniques used for identifying and confirming drug misuse as well as recent advances in biomarkers, instrumentation and analysis methodology. The title discusses both recreational and designer drugs, including non-addictive and addictive drugs.

This book is a useful and fascinating resource for healthcare professionals working in the field of drug misuse as well as academics and postgraduates researching within analytical, chromatography, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry; drug metabolism; addiction science; and forensic toxicology, science and medicine.

Book content

  • Urinalysis: The Detection of Common Drugs in Urine
  • Point-of-care/Collection Testing: Application to Drugs of Misuse Testing
  • Analytical Advances in Drug Detection: Human Sports Drug Testing
  • Analytical Overview of Drug Detection: Civil Aviation
  • Detection of Misused Drugs: Natural and Synthetic Cathinones
  • Detection of Misused Drugs: Psychoactive Piperazines
  • Dried Blood Spots for Testing Drugs of Misuse
  • Drug Testing in Exhaled Breath
  • DNA/RNA Aptamers for Illicit Drug Molecules
  • Latent Fingerprints for Drug Screening
  • Microneedle Patches for Caffeine Detection and Quantification
  • Detection of a Single Drug Exposure in Hair
  • Ethanol Analysis in Blood, Breath and Urine: Interpreting the Results
  • 'Ecstasy' Tablets: Batch Matching for Forensic Drug Intelligence Puropses in Malta
  • The Usefulness of Metabolites in the Interpretation of Drug Test Results
  • The Usefulness of Metabolic Ratios in the Interpretation of Steroid Misuse
  • Neurohypophyseal Hormones and Drugs of Misuse

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This book contains 396 pages.

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13 Apr 2017
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Author information

Dr Kim Wolff, a Reader in Addiction Science, is an expert in biomarkers of abused substances and was chair of the expert panel on drug driving published by the Department for Transport (March 2013). She is also a member of the Secretary of State for Transport ‘Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse & and Driving’ and has worked closely with the DVLA over a number of years advising on medical fitness-to-drive issues and the High Risk Drink driver offender scheme.