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Non-wettable Surfaces: Theory, Preparation and Applications Editors: Robin H A Ras, Abraham Marmur

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This book contains 391 pages.

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25 Nov 2016
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About this book

The objective of this book is to integrate information about the theory, preparation and applications of non-wettable surfaces in one volume. By combining the discussion of all three aspects together the editors will show how theory assists the development of preparations methods and how these surfaces can be applied to different situations.

The book is separated into three sections, first covering the theory, then going on to preparation of these surfaces and finally discussing the applications in detail.

Edited by two of the most innovative contributors to the field of superhydrophobicity, this book will be essential reading for materials scientists interested in any aspect of surface, colloid and polymer science, thermodynamics, superhydrophobic and superhygrophobic surfaces.

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Soft Matter Series