Spectroscopic Properties of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds: Volume 45 Editors: Richard Douthwaite, Simon Duckett, Jack Yarwood

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03 Jul 2014
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About this book

This series provides an unequalled source of information on an area of chemistry that continues to grow in importance. Divided into sections mainly according to the particular spectroscopic technique used, coverage in each volume includes: NMR (with reference to stereochemistry, dynamic systems, paramagnetic complexes, solid state NMR and Groups 13-18); nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy; vibrational spectroscopy of main group and transition element compounds and coordinated ligands; and electron diffraction. Reflecting the growing volume of published work in the field, researchers will find this an invaluable source of information on current methods and applications.

Author information

Professor Jack Yarwood is an emeritus professor at Sheffield Hallam University. Professor Simon Duckett is a research group leader at the University of York, UK. His group is mainly involved in the design, development and implementation of NMR methods, supported by the synthesis of inorganic and organometallic complexes. Dr Richard Douthwaite is at the University of York, UK. His main research interests include molecular and materials chemistry and photocatalysis. Both an EPSRC college member and fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dr Douthwaite is also on the SCI National Materials Committee.