The Chemistry of Human Nature Author: Tom Husband

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Why does chocolate taste so good? Why do we seek 'the one'? How do traits such as intelligence, creativity and violence arise and what purpose do they serve? This book links these characteristics to the origins of life, showing that the conditions necessary to bring life into existence echo through our modern day behaviour.
The chemistry of the body is not only fascinating but also highly relevant to everyone, since we are all concerned with maximising our health and enjoyment of life. Currently, there are not many popular science books concerned with biochemistry. One reason for this might be the particularly complex nature of the science involved. This book starts with the fundamentals and then works towards a deeper understanding of the chemistry of human nature. Essential reading for anyone with an interest in this science and written at a level accessible to experts and non-experts alike.

Book content

  • Section 1: Fuel and Building Supplies
  • The Chemistry of Space Travel
  • The Chemistry of Taste
  • The Chemistry of Pleasure
  • The Chemistry of Life's Origins
  • The Chemistry of Evolution
  • Section 2: Love and Relationships
  • The Chemistry of Lust
  • The Chemistry of Romantic Love
  • The Chemistry of Attachment
  • The Chemistry of Baby Making
  • Section 3: The Chemistry of Character
  • The Chemistry of Creative Intelligence
  • The Chemistry of Violence
  • The Chemistry of Dominance
  • Section 4: So What?
  • The Chemistry of Free Will
  • Appendix

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29 Nov 2016
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