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Coffee: Complete Set Editor: Adriana Farah

About this book

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world but how does the production influence the chemistry and quality and what are the health advantages or disadvantages from consuming it? This two-volume set covers Coffee: Production, Quality, and Chemistry, and Coffee: Consumption and Health Implications. Written by an international collection of contributors in the field who concentrate on coffee research, these books are aimed at advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers. Expertly edited to ensure the content and coverage is cross-referenced for consistency, quality and organization across the chapters; they provide an accessible reference to the current research in the field and information on the health aspects for nutritionists and other health professionals.

Book content

  • Coffee: Production, Quality and Chemistry, Part I: Introduction to Coffee Plant and Genetics
  • Coffee Growing
  • Breeding
  • Coffee Plant Biochemistry
  • Mineral Nutrition and Fertilization
  • Coffee Grading and Marketing
  • Decaffeination and Irradiation
  • Roasting
  • Grinding, Packing and Storage
  • Beverage Preparation
  • Instant Coffee Production
  • Coffee By-products
  • Part II: Coffee Cupping
  • Coffee Sensory Quality and Consumer Perception
  • An Emotion Lexicon for the Coffee Drinking Experience
  • Influence of Genetics, Environmental Aspects and Post Harvesting on Coffee Cup Quality
  • Coffee Certifications
  • Part III: Natural Coffee Compounds and Derivatives
  • Incidental Contaminants
  • Coffee: Consumption and Health Implications, Coffee Consumption and Health Impacts
  • Coffee’s Protective Effect against Disease
  • Potential Contribution of Coffee Bioactive Compounds to Health
  • Potential Risks Involved in Coffee Consumption
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31 Jan 2019
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