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Semiconducting Polymers: Controlled Synthesis and Microstructure Editor: Christine Luscombe

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This book contains 278 pages.

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07 Oct 2016
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About this book

Semiconducting polymers are of great interest for applications in electroluminescent devices, solar cells, batteries and diodes. In recent years vast advances have been made in the area of controlled synthesis of semiconducting polymers, specifically polythiophenes. The book is separated into two main sections, the first will introduce the advances made in polymer synthesis, and the second will focus on the microstructure and property analysis that has been enabled because of the recent advances in synthetic strategies.
Edited by one of the leaders in the area of polythiophene synthesis, this new book will bring the field up to date with more recent models for understanding semiconducting polymers. The book will be applicable to materials and polymers chemists in industry and academia from postgraduate level upwards.

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Polymer Chemistry Series