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The Chemistry of Textile Fibres: Edition 2 Authors: Robert R Mather, Roger H Wardman

About this book

Textiles are ubiquitous materials that many of us take for granted in our everyday lives. We rely on our clothes to protect us from the environment and use them to enhance our appearance. Textiles also find applications in transport, healthcare, construction, and many other industries.
The revised and updated 2nd Edition of The Chemistry of Textile Fibres highlights the trend towards the synthesis, from renewable resources, of monomers for making synthetic fibres. It contains new information on the influence of legislation and the concerns of environmental organisations on the use of chemicals in the textile industry. New sections on genetically modified cotton, anti-microbial materials and spider silk have been added as well as a new chapter covering functional fibres and fabrics.
This book provides a comprehensive overview of the various types of textile fibres that are available today, ranging from natural fibres to the high-performance fibres that are very technologically advanced. Readers will gain an appreciation of why particular types of fibre are used for certain applications through understanding the chemistry behind their properties.
Students following ‘A’ level courses or equivalent and first-year undergraduate students reading textile technology subjects at university will find this book a valuable source of information.

Book content

  • The Scope of Textile Fibres
  • Cellulosic Fibres
  • Protein fibres
  • Regenerated Fibres
  • Synthetic fibres
  • High-performance fibres
  • Other speciality fibres
  • Enhancement of fibre performance by surface modification
  • The chemistry of functional fibres and fabrics

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This book contains 439 pages.

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17 Jun 2015
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