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100 Years of Physical Chemistry: A Collection of Landmark Papers Editor: Ian W M Smith

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This book contains 384 pages.

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26 Mar 2003
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About this book

Compiled to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Faraday Society in 1903, this collection presents some of the key papers published in Faraday journals over the past one hundred years. The feature articles were all written by leaders in their field, including a number of Nobel Prize winners such as Lord George Porter and John Pople, and cover a breadth of topics demonstrating the wide range of scientific fields which the Faraday Society, and now the RSC Faraday Division, seek to promote. Topics include: Intermolecular Forces; Ultrafast Processes; Astrophysical Chemistry; Polymers; and Electrochemistry. Each article is accompanied by a commentary which puts it in context, describes its influence and shows how the field has developed since its publication. 100 Years of Physical Chemistry: A Collection of Landmark Papers will be welcomed by anyone interested in the historical development of physical chemistry, and will be a valued addition to any library shelf.