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Metal–Ligand Bonding Authors: E A Moore, Rob Janes

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This book contains 108 pages.

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09 Jan 2004
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About this book

To appreciate the chemistry and physical properties of complexes of the transition series, an understanding of metal-ligand interactions applied to complexes of the d-block is needed. Metal Ligand Bonding aims to provide this through an accessible, detailed, non-mathematical approach. Initial chapters detail the crystal-field model, using it to describe the use of magnetic measurements to distinguish complexes with different electronic configurations and geometries. Subsequent chapters look at the molecular orbital theory of transition metal complexes using a pictorial approach. Bonding in octahedral complexes is explored and electronic spectra and magnetic properties are given extensive coverage. The material addressed in this book forms the foundation of undergraduate lecture courses on d-block chemistry and facilitates learning through various key features, including: full colour diagrams; in-text questions with answers; revision exercises and clearly defined learning outcomes to encourage a reflective approach to study; an associated website; and experimental data and observations from everyday life. A basic knowledge of atomic and molecular orbitals as applied to main group elements is assumed.