Climate Change Author: Dorothy Warren Editor: Maria J Pack

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Climate change is a very complex subject. Scientists from many countries around the world strive to understand how climate works and then try to prepare for the changes that may lie ahead. This publication includes a series of activities for students with background information and teaching tips on current climate issues. It brings together several sources of data on the earth's climate, including newspaper cuttings and examines Mario Molina's work on ozone and its impact on global politics. Climate Change includes student worksheets to encourage students to form their own opinions based on the data and to generate classroom discussion and debate. It is a flexible resource and can be used to study both ideas and evidence and the nature of science, and also when teaching key skills. This book is aimed at teachers of 11-19 year old students and contains teachers' notes, background information, photocopiable student worksheets and answers.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • Global Warming
  • Mario Molina puts ozone on the political agenda
  • Student worksheets
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29 Aug 2001
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