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Industrial Chemistry Case Studies: Industrial Processes in the 1990s

About this book

Industrial Chemistry Case Studies presents material on a variety of aspects of the UK chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the late 1990s. It covers the economic dimension of the industries, some environmental concerns and constraints, and the issue of scaling up processes from the laboratory bench to full-scale production. Using a case study approach, with questions and answers included, there are real-life examples drawn from a number of different industrial areas including the nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals and steel making. Industrial Chemistry Case Studies is intended primarily for post-16 students and their teachers, but will also be of interest to a wider audience who may wish to be more informed about today's chemical industry.

Book content

  • The UK Chemistry Industry in the 1990s - A Brief Overview
  • Selling Chemical Services - Analytical Chemistry
  • Formulating Pharmaceutical Products
  • Developing a Fungicide, Azoxystrobin
  • Scaling Up a Polymer Manufacturing Process
  • Radioactive Discharges into the River Ribble
  • The Shell Ethylene Pipeline
  • Steelmaking in the UK
  • The Story of BRL 46470A

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This book contains 185 pages.

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01 Jul 1999
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