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Sodium Carbonate: A Versatile Material

About this book

This booklet presents learning material based on the manufacture and uses of sodium carbonate made by the Solvay process. The photocopiable worksheets are suitable for pre- and post-16 students. Their aim is to encourage the students to apply chemical principles in an unfamiliar context. Teachers' notes are also included.

Book content

  • Manufacturing sodium carbonate: an overview for teachers
  • Making sodium carbonate
  • Manufacturing sodium carbonate
  • Manufacturing sodium carbonate by the Solvay process
  • The thermodynamics and equilibria involved in the Solvay process for the production of sodium carbonate
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This book contains 40 pages.

Publication details

Print publication date: 01 Jan 2000
Copyright year: 2000
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-924-0