Classic Chemistry Experiments Author: Kevin Hutchings

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Chemistry is an experimental subject, and what can be more stimulating than carrying out a laboratory experiment where the results are memorable either by their visual nature or by their tying together of theory. This collection of 100 chemistry experiments has been developed with the help and support of teachers throughout the UK. Each student worksheet is accompanied by a teachers' notes sheet which gives details for teachers and technicians on apparatus and chemicals, timing, context, teaching tips, background theory and answers to any questions on the student worksheets. The student worksheets are also available on the web, and can be downloaded or adapted as necessary by teachers. Classic Chemistry Experiments is designed as a teaching aid to help communicate the excitement and wonder of chemistry to students, and is ideal for both experienced chemistry teachers and to scientists from other disciplines who are teaching chemistry.

Additional resources can be downloaded from:!cmpid=CMP00000454

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13 Oct 2000
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