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Perspectives in Organometallic Chemistry Editors: Barry R Steele, Constantinos G Screttas

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This book contains 332 pages.

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02 Dec 2003
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Organometallic chemistry is an area which touches on, and plays an active role in, all of the traditional divisions of chemistry: inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical. This timely book provides overviews of recent original developments in these areas, including: the synthesis of main group, transition metal and lanthanide organometallics; applications to homogeneous catalysis; structural and theoretical studies; and enantioselective processes. As these topics are currently part of a stream of exciting research with potentially important industrial applications, this title presents informed accounts of state-of-the-art research which will be of great interest to readers. Written by some of the foremost groups in the field and handsomely illustrated throughout, each chapter also provides an extensive bibliography. By introducing areas that are likely to play a prominent role in organometallic chemistry in the near future, Perspectives in Organometallic Chemistry provides an authoritative source of ideas, particularly for all those engaged in research.

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