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Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII: Performance in a Challenging Environment Editors: Harry Frampton, Henry A Craddock, Jack Dunlop, Paul Reid, Graham Payne, Terry Balson

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This book contains 300 pages.
Print publication date: 11 Jun 2002
Copyright year: 2002
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-861-8
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-046-0

About this book

This book is the latest in a series of respected volumes that provides an up-to-date review of some of the major chemistry topics related to the oil and gas industry. Divided into four sections, it looks in turn at the latest developments in environmental issues, new technology, applications and flow assurance. This reflects the increasingly important role for chemical technologies in offshore, deep water and challenging environments, allied to developments of low environmental impact chemistry. Regulatory strategies are also discussed, from both the governmental and operational perspective. Overall, Chemistry in the Oil Industry VII presents the latest information on developments in the modern oil industry, which will have an impact on future cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It will be a valuable resource for professionals and consultants within the industry, as well as government agencies and laboratory staff.

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