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Biophysical Chemistry: Membranes and Proteins Editors: Robin Leatherbarrow, R H Templer

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This book contains 290 pages.

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08 Jan 2002
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About this book

In the post-genomic world, advances in the comprehension of cell behaviour will depend upon scientists deciphering the molecular basis of interactions between proteins and membranes. Bringing together contributions from chemists, biologists and physicists, Biophysical Chemistry: Membranes and Proteins demonstrates how multidisciplinary teams can gain insights into understanding complex biological systems. This book reflects both the scope and the interdisciplinary nature of the field, with topics including: modelling of biological systems; membrane structure and interactions; probing biomolecules; and channels and receptors. Full of stimulating articles and opinions, readers from academia and industry will welcome the wide range of coverage and the state-of-the-art science.

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