Rheology for Chemists: An Introduction: Edition 2 Authors: J Goodwin, R Hughes

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22 Jan 2008
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Rheology is an integral part of life, from decorative paint and movement of volcanic lava to the flow of blood in our veins. This book describes, without the use of complex mathematics, how atoms and molecules interact to control the handling properties of materials ranging from simple ionic crystals through polymers to colloidal dispersions. Beginning with an introduction to essential terminology, Rheology for Chemists goes on to discuss limiting behaviour, temporal behaviour and non-linear behaviour. Throughout, examples of everyday experiments are provided to illustrate the theory, which increases in complexity with each discrete chapter. Ideas are developed in a systematic fashion so that the mechanisms responsible for the elastic, viscous or viscoelastic behaviour of systems are understood. The text thus progresses in a manner that makes it an ideal introduction to rheology for any scientist who needs to use the ideas to modify systems. Comprehensive and unique in approach, this book will provide the necessary introduction to rheology for many undergraduates and graduates, as well as being valuable for laboratory and industrial staff requiring an introduction to this fascinating subject.