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Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions in Infectious Diseases Editor: Carole A Bewley

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This book contains 264 pages.

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17 Aug 2006
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About this book

Protein-carbohydrate interactions is an exciting area of research with huge potential for development and exploration. These interactions are both widespread and diverse in biological processes and many play a crucial role in cellular recognition, attachment and adhesion. This is particularly true for host-pathogen interactions that lead to infectious diseases; as the surfaces of cells and pathogens display complex carbohydrate structures and carbohydrate binding proteins on their surface. Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions in Infectious Disease is part of the Biomolecular Science Series and provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, with contributions from leading experts in the field. Beginning with a general introduction, subsequent sections include: Atomic basis of protein-carbohydrate interactions, Structures and roles of Pseudomonas areuginosa lectins, Protein-carbohydrate interactions in enterobacterial infections, Retrocyclins: miniature lectins with potent antiviral activity, C-type lectin receptors that regulate pathogen recognition through the recognition of carbohydrates, Synthetic carbohydrate-based anti-malarial vaccines and glycobiology. With full colour throughout and an extensive bibliography this book is ideal for researchers interested in the area.

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