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Practical Environmental Analysis: Edition 2 Authors: Miroslav Radojevic, Vladimir Bashkin

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This book contains 482 pages.

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26 Apr 2006
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About this book

"How can I analyse my sample of rainwater? ""This soil sample is thought to contain heavy metals - how can I test it?"" Many students and technicians the world over need to find the answers to questions such as these. This unique book provides detailed instructions for practical experiments in environmental analysis. The comprehensive coverage includes the chemical analysis of important pollutants in air, water, soil and plant tissue, and the experiments generally require only basic laboratory equipment. Practical Environmental Analysis is supplemented by theoretical material explaining, amongst other concepts, the principles behind each method and the importance of various pollutants. Also included are suggestions for projects and example calculations. The subject and content of this timely book will guarantee a warm welcome from students, technicians and lecturers alike.