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Chemical Analysis in the Laboratory: A Basic Guide Authors: Irene Mueller-Harvey, Richard M Baker

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This book contains 108 pages.
Print publication date: 10 Jul 2002
Copyright year: 2002
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-646-1
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-036-1

About this book

Often considered as a simple task, chemical analysis actually requires a variety of quite complex skills. As a practitioner in an interdisciplinary science, the analytical scientist is relied upon to have the knowledge and skill to help solve problems or to provide relevant information. They will need to think laterally, examine the process from sampling to final result carefully, in addition to selecting the appropriate technique in order to satisfy the objective and obtain a reliable result. The aim of this book is to provide basic training in the whole analytical process for students, demonstrating why analysis is necessary and how to take samples, before they attempt to carry out any analysis in the laboratory. Initially, planning of work, and collection and preparation of the sample are discussed in detail. This is followed by a look at issues of quality control and accreditation and the basic equipment (eg. balances, glassware) and techniques that are required. Throughout, safety issues are addressed, and examples and practical exercises are given. Chemical Analysis in the Laboratory: A Basic Guide will prove invaluable for students of chemistry, plant science, food science, biology, agriculture and soil science, providing them with a guide to the skills that will be required in the Analytical Laboratory. Teachers and lecturers will also find the material of assistance in developing the analytical thinking and skills of their students. New employees in analytical laboratories will welcome it as an indispensable guide.