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The Gluten Proteins Editors: Domenico Lafiandra, S Masci, R D'Ovidio

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This book contains 488 pages.

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19 May 2004
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About this book

This book brings together recent, international contributions to the study of gluten proteins from leading experts in the field. Gluten proteins have gained greater importance due not only to their fundamental role in determining technological quality of wheat end products, but also to the apparently increased number of people showing different degrees of gluten intolerance or allergy. Along with classical subjects such as gluten genetics, quality and rheology, The Gluten Proteins covers new tools and research fields, including the use of proteomics and genomics. Furthermore, information dedicated to intolerances and allergies is included and opens the possibility to widen future research opportunities, promoting cooperation between wheat breeders, medical researchers and gluten chemists and geneticists. The Gluten Proteins provides an authoritative source of information for researchers, professionals and postgraduate students wishing to increase their knowledge of the molecular bases of gluten functionality and nutritional role, as well as touching on possible future research opportunities.

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