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Medicinal Chemistry: Principles and Practice: Edition 2 Editor: Frank D King

About this book

This book introduces the principles and practices of modern medicinal chemistry and covers all aspects of drug discovery from the initial lead to final development. It teaches how to convert a lead compound into a potential drug and provides recent case histories as examples of successes. Medicinal Chemistry is unique in dealing with the subject in such a practical way and is the only book currently available to bring together all areas of the subject in one volume. This breadth of coverage is supplemented by references to specialist monographs and reviews, where the reader can find more detail on specific topics of interest if required. Medicinal Chemistry is essential reading for students studying medicinal chemistry, as it provides a grounding in all the required disciplines and subjects. It will also be of great interest to chemists, biochemists and pharmacologists either already working in or contemplating a career in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

Book content

  • An Introduction to Drug-Receptor Interactions
  • Signal Transduction and Second Messengers
  • Enzyme Inhibitors
  • The Biological Evaluation of New Compounds
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Drug Metabolism
  • Physicochemical Properties and Drug Design
  • Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships
  • Considerations for the Use of Computational Chemistry Techniques by Medicinal Chemists
  • `Patent Medicine'
  • Molecular Biology - A New Route to Drug Discovery
  • Devising a Research Strategy
  • Past Approaches to Discovering New Drugs as Medicines
  • Bioisosteres, Conformational Restriction, and Pro-drugs: Approaches to Lead Optimisation - Case History: An Example of a Conformational Restriction Approach
  • The Design and Synthesis of Selective Protein Kinase C Inhibitors
  • Discovery of 1069C - A Novel Synthetic Antitumour Agent with Low Cross-resistance Potential
  • The Design and Biological Properties of `Dipeptoid' Antagonists
  • Migraine Therapy - From Serotonin to Sumatriptan
  • Drug Development
  • Appendices
  • Subject Index.
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Print publication date
30 Sep 2002
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