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Understanding Batteries Authors: R M Dell, D A J Rand

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This book contains 254 pages.

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19 Jul 2001
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About this book

Batteries are becoming increasingly important in today's world of portable electronic devices, along with the need to store electricity derived from solar and other renewable forms of energy, and the desire to introduce electric and hybrid electric vehicles to reduce emissions. Understanding Batteries is a must for all those seeking a straightforward explanation of how batteries are constructed, their operation, and the factors determining their performance and life. Beginning with a brief history of the development of batteries and a discussion of their applications and markets, the book goes on to outline the basic terminology and science of batteries. The different types of primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) batteries are then described and emphasis is given to the importance of matching the battery to the intended application. Examples are given to demonstrate how to define and prioritise the various criteria which comprise the battery specification. Throughout, the chemistry is kept as simple as possible. Understanding Batteries will appeal to a wide range of readers, including electrical equipment manufacturers and users, engineers and technicians, chemistry and materials science students, teachers and the interested battery user.

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