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Methods in Polyphenol Analysis Editors: Mike Saltmarsh, Celestino Santos-Buelga, Gary Williamson

About this book

Polyphenols make a vital contribution to the colour, tanning, taste and astringency of so many of society's favourites - from the unique taste of the British cup of tea to a glass of red wine. Found widely in many foods of plant origin, polyphenols are also becoming increasingly recognised as antioxidants in the body, with action on long-term health and reduction in the risk of chronic disease. Due to the importance of polyphenols, it is vital to conduct accurate and sensitive analysis. Providing detailed state-of-the-art research, presented in a practical and effective way, Methods in Polyphenol Analysis looks at the latest techniques in this developing field and includes, among others: New modern techniques, such as LC-MS, LC-NMR and LC-coulometric detection; Chemical and enzymatic synthesis of polyphenol conjugates; and Characterization of oligomeric and polymeric tannins and complex polyphenols. This timely publication is written by highly experienced practitioners in this field and will be invaluable to all academics and industrialists involved in phytochemistry, biochemistry and food science.

Book content

  • Polyphenol Extraction from Foods
  • Methods of Polyphenol Extraction from Biological Fluids and Tissues
  • Application of LC-MS for the Identification of Polyphenols
  • The Use of HPLC with Coulometric Detection in the Analysis of Flavonoids in Complex Matrices
  • On-line Identification of Flavonoids by HPLC Coupled to Diode Array Detection
  • Application of LC-NMR in the Structure Elucidation of Polyphenols
  • Polyphenols: Measurement and Calculation of their Physical Chemistry Properties
  • Enzymatic Synthesis of Quercetin Glucosides and Glucuronides
  • Chemical Synthesis of Flavonoid Conjugates
  • Quantitative Determination of Flavonols in Plant Foods and Biological Fluids
  • Analysis and Purification of Catechins and their Transformation Products
  • Analysis and Purification of Proanthocyanidin Oligomers
  • Analysis of Polymeric Proanthocyanidins and Complex Polyphenols
  • The Analysis and Characterization of Chlorogenic Foods and other Cinnamates
  • Analysis of Anthocyanins
  • Analysis and Purification of Flavonones, Chalcones and Dihydrochalcones
  • Subject Index.
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14 Apr 2003
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