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Basic Principles of Inorganic Chemistry: Making the Connections Authors: Brian J Hathaway, Clair Murphy, Brian Murphy

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This book contains 164 pages.

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23 Sep 1998
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General chemistry textbooks are usually lengthy and present chemistry to the student as an unconnected list of facts. In inorganic chemistry, emphasis should be placed on the connections between valence shell electron configuration and the physical and chemical properties of the element. Basic Principles of Inorganic Chemistry: Making the Connections is a short, concise book that emphasises these connections, in particular the chemistry of the Main Group compounds. With reference to chemical properties, Lewis Structures, stoichiometry and spider diagrams, students will be able to predict or calculate the chemistry of simple polyatomic compounds from the valence shell configuration and will no longer be required to memorise vast amounts of factual chemistry. This book is ideal for students taking chemistry as a subsidiary subject as well as honours degree students.

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