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A Working Method Approach for Introductory Physical Chemistry Calculations Authors: Brian J Hathaway, Clair Murphy, Brian Murphy

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This book contains 166 pages.

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24 Sep 1997
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About this book

A Working Method Approach for Introductory Physical Chemistry Calculations is a concise inexpensive introduction to first year chemistry that is aimed at students who are weak in chemistry or have no chemistry on entry to university. Such students usually find physical chemistry the most difficult part of the chemistry course, and within this section numerical problem solving is an additional difficulty. The text should also be invaluable to first year intending chemists. This text provides an introduction to physical chemistry and the gas laws, followed by chapters on thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry and chemical kinetics. Each section involves a brief introduction followed by a representative examination question, which is broken down into a proposed working method. Both short multiple-choice questions and related full examination-type questions are included. This book will prove invaluable to students who need encouragement in a logical approach to problem solving in physical chemistry, teaching them to think for themselves when faced with a problem.

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