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Chromatographic Integration Methods: Edition 2 Author: Norman Dyson

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This book contains 218 pages.

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12 May 1998
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About this book

The second edition of the popular Chromatographic Integration Methods has been completely revised and updated. Written by an expert with many years' experience with two of the world's largest manufacturers of computing integrators, it has been expanded to include a new section on validation of integrators in response to regulatory requirements for quality and validation. A new literature survey, additional diagrams and Author Index have also been added. Well illustrated and easily read, this is an excellent source book for those who wish to increase their understanding of integrators. Chromatographic Integration Methods describes and discusses both manual and electronic techniques used, with the aim of aiding analysts to obtain more data from their chromatograms, and assist them with understanding how integrators work so that results are never accepted unquestioningly. As with the first edition, this book will be welcomed by all those in the chromatography field, particularly those at the bench.

From the book series:
RSC Chromatography Monographs