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Valid Analytical Methods and Procedures: A Best Practice Approach to Method Selection Author: Chris Burgess

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This book contains 96 pages.

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30 Oct 2000
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About this book

The Analytical Methods Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry has for many years been involved in national and international efforts to establish a comprehensive framework for achieving appropriate quality in chemical measurement. This handbook attempts to select or define robust procedures that ensure the best use of resources and enable laboratories to generate consistent, reliable data. Written in concise, easy-to-read language and illustrated with worked examples, it is a guide to current best practice and establishes a control framework for the development and validation of laboratory-based analytical methods. Topics include samples and sampling, method selection, equipment calibration and qualification, method development and validation, evaluation of data and statistical approaches for method performance and comparison. Valid Analytical Methods and Procedures will be welcomed by many organisations throughout the world who are required to prove that the validity of their analytical results can be established beyond reasonable doubt.