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An Atlas of High Resolution Spectra of Rare Earth Elements for ICP-AES Authors: Benli Huang, Hai Ying, Pengyuan Yang, Xiaoru Wang, Sheng Gu, Zhigang Zhang, Zhixia Zhuang, Zhenhua Sun, Bing Li

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This book contains 258 pages.

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03 Jan 2000
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Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES) has been widely adopted as a routine analytical technique for elemental analysis in both industry and academia. However, spectral interference can be a major problem, particularly with such line-rich elements as the rare earth elements. An Atlas of High Resolution Spectra of Rare Earth Elements, which comes complete with a CD of spectra in full colour, is a reference source suitable for all analytical spectroscopists. Using some previously unpublished high resolution spectra, this atlas enables users of ICP-AES to select the best lines of any single rare earth element matrix. Clear instructions for the use of the accompanying CD are provided, which allows all adjacent interferent spectral profiles to be displayed and superimposed. Up-to-date and informative, this unique book will be welcomed as a practical and indispensable reference guide by all those who use ICP-AES for the analysis of rare earth elements.