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Modern Coordination Chemistry: The Legacy of Joseph Chatt Editors: Neil Winterton, Jeff Leigh

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This book contains 404 pages.

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19 Feb 2002
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About this book

Coordination chemistry, as we know it today, has been shaped by major figures from the past, one of whom was Joseph Chatt. Beginning with a description of Chatt's career presented by co-workers, contemporaries and students, this fascinating book then goes on to show how many of today's leading practitioners in the field, working in such diverse areas as phosphines, hydrogen complexes, transition metal complexes and nitrogen fixation, have been influenced by Chatt. The reader is then brought right up-to-date with the inclusion of some of the latest research on these topics, all of which serves to underline Chatt's continuing legacy. Intended as a permanent record of Chatt's life, work and influence, this book will be of interest to lecturers, graduate students, researchers and science historians.