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Chemistry at the Races: The Work of the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory Editors: Maria J Pack, Colin Osborne

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This book contains 45 pages.

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17 Jul 2002
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About this book

This resource demonstrates how a combination of modern techniques is used to ensure that horseracing is both fair and prevents abuse of the horses involved. Based on the work of the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory (HFL) located near Newmarket in the UK, the book comprises five sections of student material. First, an overview of the work of HFL is presented, followed by sections on immunoassay, metabolism and chromatography. Teachers' notes are also included. Following the explanatory text are questions, which assist with understanding and also illustrate real-life applications of the chemical techniques encountered at school. Chemistry at the Races is designed mostly for ages 16+, but some material is also included for younger students. It is an invaluable resource for teachers, enabling them to demonstrate an up-to-date and interesting context for their work.