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Enhancing Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratories Authors: John Carnduff, Norman Reid

About this book

Laboratory work is an essential part of undergraduate chemistry courses. The laboratory provides a setting for training not just in practical hand and instrument skills, but also for other skills such as planning, recording, interpreting and working in teams. However, students often learn little from their time in the laboratory and find it hard to make connections with lectures. Over half of third-level chemical students have no intention of becoming practising chemists anyway. Teaching staff may also feel pressured in relation to manpower, materials, time and safety. Carrying out exercises before and after laboratory sessions can maximise the benefit of practical work for higher education students. This books surveys existing materials for pre-laboratory and post-laboratory exercises in the chemical sciences. Twenty examples are given, and guidance is provided for constructing similar exercises.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • Examples of pre-laboratory and post-laboratory exercises
  • The place of pre-laboratory exercises
  • Pressures on laboratory work
  • Coping strategies
  • Facilitating learning
  • Pre-laboratory exercises
  • Laboratory effectiveness and pre-laboratory exercises
  • The aims of laboratory work
  • Pre-laboratory exercises in use today
  • What might be included in pre-laboratory exercises?
  • Post-laboratory exercises
  • Writing pre-laboratory and post-laboratory exercises
  • Epilogue
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Print publication date
30 Jun 2003
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