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Principles of Environmental Chemistry Editor: R M Harrison

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This book contains 374 pages.

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02 Feb 2007
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About this book

Environmental chemistry is becoming increasingly important and is crucial in the understanding of a range of issues, ranging from climate change to local pollution problems. Principles of Environmental Chemistry draws upon sections of the authors' previous text (Understanding our Environment) and reflects the growing trend of a more sophisticated approach to teaching environmental science at university. This new, revised text book focuses on the chemistry involved in environmental problems. Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides an in depth introduction to the chemical processes influencing the atmosphere, freshwaters, salt waters and soils. Subsequent sections discuss the behaviour of organic chemicals in the environment and environmental transfer between compartments such as air, soil and water. Also included is a section on biogeochemical cycling, which is crucial in the understanding of the behaviour of chemicals in the environment. Complete with worked examples, the book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate chemistry students studying environmental chemistry.