Magnetic Resonance in Food Science: From Molecules to Man Editors: I A Farhat, Peter S Belton, G Webb

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08 May 2007
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Magnetic Resonance in Food Science is an authoritative summary of state-of the-art research contributions from the world's leading scientists. Contributions from the 8th International Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science, 2006 are presented here with a foreword by the Editors. This important resource provides an overview of: * Food in the human body including MRI and metabonomics studies; * Food quality covering animal metabonomics, structure of food systems, food stability and authentication; * Food processing with emphasis on dynamic processes - including water migration and phase transformations; * New technologies, novel data analysis and exploitation which includes innovations in NMR methodologies, hardware and data analysis. The International Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science is the principle conference in the field and attracts contributions from internationally acknowledged experts from industry and academia. The 8th conference was opened with a lecture by Sir Peter Mansfield, Medicine Nobel Prize Laureate.

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Imad Farhat is the Global Technology Manager at Firmenich, one of the main Fragrance and Flavor multinationals. Dr Farhat has been involved in the applications of magnetic resonance in food sciences for more than 13 years, in particular during his research career at the Division of Food Sciences of the University of Nottingham where he was a Senior Lecturer in Food Physical Chemistry, and also in his current position. Peter Belton has more than 30 years academic and industrial experiences in magnetic resonance. He is a world authority in food spectroscopy having led the spectroscopy facility at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich where he held several leadership positions before joining the University of East Anglia where he holds a Chair in Chemistry. Professor Belton was President of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (2003-2005). Graham Webb was actively engaged in research in many aspects of NMR for more than 25 years both at University College London and the University of Surrey, where he became a Professor of Physical Chemistry. He is the editor of Annual Reports on NMR (since 1975) and The Royal Society of Chemistry Specialist Periodical Reports on NMR (since 1978).