From DNA Photolesions to Mutations, Skin Cancer and Cell Death Editors: Evelyne Sage, Regen Drouin, Mahmoud Rouabhia

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22 Nov 2005
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As modern day society takes an increasing interest in outdoor activities, its exposure to sunlight has never been greater. As a consequence, countries throughout the world are experiencing a dramatic increase in the incidences of skin carcinomas and melanomas. From DNA photolesions to mutations, skin cancer and cell death provides an authoritative source of information for photobiologists interested in the series of genetic events that occur in the skin, and eventually lead to cancer. With contributions from eminent scientists in the field, this book includes the latest information on DNA photolesions and repair, as well as the key mechanisms of solar UV in skin cancer initiation and development. Significant information relating to UV-induced photolesions and mechanisms of skin tumour occurrence is also included. By providing the basic phenomena underlying the science and an overview of the biological events that take place when cells are exposed to solar UV radiation, From DNA photolesions to mutations, skin cancer and cell death is suitable to all researchers interested in the process of photocarcinogenesis.